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*** Category-A rating for Dharamjeevi Institute of Professional Education! ***

Dharamjeevi has been rated as a Category-'A' college by Kurukshetra University in terms of Human Resources and Physical Infrastructure & Other Facilities/ Amenities.

                                                            Admissions Open!

Admission process begins from 17th July for the academic session 2016-2018. Registration fee Rs.1,000/-; this will become Rs.2,000/- in September and Rs.2,500/- in October. Admissions close on 25th October. Apply online at: http://crsu.ac.in/
For any enquiry, call mobile no. 09355212105, 08295517935 or phone- 01744-276634

Dharamjeevi Institute of Professional Education is a top Bachelor-of-Education (B.Ed.) degree granting college located in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Dharamjeevi is affiliated to the Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (KUK), and is situated amongst agricultural fields, in a serene and inspiring environment. The fresh air and surroundings make studying a refreshing experience.

The Library is large enough to accommodate students, with tables and chairs for the them to sit and study in a peaceful, quiet place. The Computer laboratory has enough computers for students to work on, with a maximum capacity of 12 at any given time. The Educational Technology lab has seating arrangements for students to sit and observe the teacher or Teacher Educator to demonstrate on the Overhead projector. Other labs, such as the Psychology, Social Sciences, Life-Sciences and Sports labs are all fully equipped. The Conference hall has a capacity of 100 seating available, and all Seminars, Workshops are conducted very conveniently. A language-lab has a provision of microphones and head-phones, with the seating capacity of 50 at a time.

The College has an amiable Administrative staff, who are always willing to help students in every manner. The College maintains discipline in totality. The Institute has a very close relationship with the Practice Teaching School. Since the College has very good relationship with these schools, the students get a good response everywhere. The school teachers are also very happy with the students of this college.

The college has arrangements for a bus and van to assist staff and students with their commutes to the city.

Dharamjeevi Institute is absolutely focused on ethical behaviour.

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Lecture by former Vice-Chancellor of the Kurukshetra University, Dr. Bhim S.Dhaiya on: 'Ethics in Teaching'

A lecture by renowned Economist and former Dean of Colleges, Kurukshetra University, Dr. M.M.Goel

Lecture by Dr. George, Director, Kurukshetra Institute of Technology and Management, Kurukshetra. Inaugural issue of College Magazine flagged off by Dr. George.

Teaching practice ongoing at 1) Gurunanak Senior Secondary School 2) S.D. Secondary School 3) Arya Government Girls Senior Secondary School

Ms. Vanita Arora gave a very encouraging talk to the students on 'Women's Day'

Dr. N. Nath, Head of the Physics Department, came to the Institute to deliver an Extensive Lecture on 'Do not divide the country on the basis of Religion'


This institute has been set up with the view that it should be a college which upholds the standards of an institution with high quality and value based education. We wish to give to the students, who come to study and take a degree in Bachelor in Education (B.Ed), the best the course can impart, so that they pass out of this institute and become good teachers. In today’s times, there are teachers' who do not impart knowledge, but just cover the syllabus they have to follow.
We have employed a very well qualified staff, who shall teach the students proficiently, so that they become good teachers, and thus make the future generation into good citizens of the country.
We give education with a vision, keeping in mind, the future development and enhancement of the career of the students who wish to really do something to change the scenario in the field of education.
This is the call of the day!

  • We have a very well qualified, and dedicated staff
  • Clean and airy class rooms and tutorial rooms
  • Well-equipped, computerized library with a peaceful environment
  • Well-equipped science lab
  • Fully-designed psychology lab, with test papers and other relevant equipment
  • A well-designed language lab, with LCD, projector, VCD, television and the required CDs
  • Sufficient space for playground, so that the students can indulge in all sports activities
  • Separate common rooms for girls and boys
  • Proper staff room
  • Separate toilets for girls and boys, with clean facilities
  • Good, efficient peons and maids to look into the needs of the students
  • Good, clean and healthy environment
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